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Since May 2020, Spotify has been providing its feature for Group Sessions for users. Restricted to those who use Spotify Premium, Group Sessions allows users to create shared music sessions where multiple users can listen to the same playlist simultaneously. Each player in the team then acquires control over play and volume.

About a year later, the feature remains in beta but works well enough for most people. If you want to try out Spotify party moments with your friends, here’s how to get started with a few simple steps.

How to Start a Spotify Group Session

Step 1: Open Spotify and play the song

Before you can add your friends, you need to start playing the song on Spotify. Play the song and go to the player’s display page. This is where you can see the play / pause and the previous / next track buttons.

Step 2: Go to ‘Devices’ page

Find the ‘Device’ page icon in the bottom right. Usually you use this page to switch between managing Spotify on your phone and your web player.

Spotify, Spotify premium, Spotify premium,Here’s how to put one together for use with Spotify Group Sessions,

Step 3: Click on ‘Session Session’

If you have a Spotify Premium subscription, you should see the Spotify Group Session section under your current devices. Here, click on the ”˜Start Session”™ button. You have now created the Spotify Group Session.

Step 4: Share your Session Group

Now that you’ve created your Session Session, you can share it with your friends. To do so select your sharing mode from the next shared screen. Your frequently used apps like WhatsApp or Telegram should appear here.

Once your friends have a link to share, they can click on it to join your time. Once this is done other users can control playback and can play any song or playlist.


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