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Surface Duo 2 out of stock, likely due to production stop

Reddit users noticedthat the Surface Duo 2 is nearly out of stock in Microsoft Stores around the world. Only in some countries you can still purchase the device, but the number of available configurations is limited.

In fact, the Surface Duo 2 has been experiencing shipping issues for several months, and was previously justified by a lack of components. But that doesn’t seem to be the issue. There is no official confirmation from Microsoft, but it looks like the company has simply stopped production of the Surface Duo 2. This is quite a logical decision, given that the smartphone has been on the market for a year now, and buyers are more likely to consider new devices with better specifications at the same price. same as the Surface Duo 2.

However, this does not mean at all that Microsoft refuses to release Andoird-smartphones. The company continues to work on the Surface Duo 3, and will also release a number of new features and firmware updates for the Surface Duo and Surface Duo 2.

Comment from Microsoft:

We know that supply does not match demand in some markets at the moment. While we don’t have stock information at this time, the Surface Duo remains an important part of the Surface lineup.

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