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It was an exciting day in the tech world today. On the one hand, WhatsApp has abolished support for iOS 9. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy began selling in India.

So, here is what happened to technology today:

WhatsApp is dropping support for older iPhones in recent updates

Earlier this month there were reports that WhatsApp had dropped support for iPhones running iOS 9. At the time, the update was available in the company’s beta version based on iOS. Now, the company has moved that version to a stable channel, meaning users on these devices will not receive any updates to their phones.

The Samsung Galaxy M12 continues to be sold in India

The Samsung Galaxy M12 went on sale in India today. It was first available to members of Amazon Prime on March 17. As of today, it is available for purchase to everyone in India.

Microsoft PowerPoint can now help you make presentations

Microsoft has introduced a new feature called Microsoft Presenter Coach that can help you make presentations. Made available on Microsoft PowerPoint web version for a while now and finally coming to desktop and mobile versions with it. It will be available on Mac, Windows, iOS and Android.

Facebook will “punish” dangerous groups on the platform

Facebook today announced that it was attacking groups that repeatedly violated the Facebook Community Standards while making it difficult to find certain types of groups. Here are the details.

Pokemon Goes To Holi In-Game Event In India On March 28

Pokemon Go will host an in-game event during the Indian Summit. This Pokemon Go event will be available to coaches in India. The Pokemon Go Holi event is scheduled for March 28 from 10:00 am to 20:00 pm IST. See details here.


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