Telegram goes paid with 4GB file uploads, voice to text conversion features

Telegraph is paid for with 4GB of file uploads, voice conversion features

The subscription system will give you activity without ads on social channels where the app sometimes shows ads

Telegram has introduced a paid subscription program that offers additional features, as well as faster download speeds. It will also give users a way to contribute to the company.

Premium program subscribers will be allowed to follow up to 1,000 channels, create up to 20 chat folders with up to 200 chats each, and add a fourth account to any Telegram app. Basically this is doubled for all current limits available to existing users.

Paid users can download 4 GB files from 2 GB, download media and documents instantly, convert incoming voice messages into texts, use more animated responses and premium stickers, and advanced chat management options.

They can also write a long history, add a link to it, and find a profile badge next to their name. This is similar to the Signal support system that receives the Signal supporter badge depending on their contribution.

The Telegraph did not disclose the subscription rate for the premium program. It can be priced at $ 4.99 per month, based on reports.

The app will provide non-advertising information on social media where the app sometimes shows ads, says Telegram, adding that “subscriptions help Telegram not only pay extra for premium features but also support the free version of Telegram for everyone.”

While the commanding app will continue to provide all the features available to regular users, they will also be able to enjoy some of the benefits of the premium category such as the ability to download larger documents and view stickers sent by premium users.

The Dubai-based communications platform had previously promised to bring many free features for all users, as well as the benefits mentioned above for its premium subscribers.

Introduce enhancements such as joining groups for community groups; confirmation badges in negotiations; enhanced chat preview on Android; option to automatically save media to Android gallery; and enhanced external sharing on iOS.

The nine-year messaging app has grown its user base over the past few years. Its monthly active users have grown to more than 700 million by 2022 from 500 million by 2020.


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