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Tesla’s autopilot system kills another motorcyclist, US launches investigation

A Tesla vehicle has reportedly killed another motorcyclist, this time in the US state of Utah, when a driver using Autopilot crashed into the back of his bike.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has added a fatal accident to its list. 48 accidents are under investigation, 39 of them involve Tesla vehicles.

The Utah Highway Patrol said the incident happened Sunday on southbound I-15, according to local reports.

It is said that the Tesla driver did not see the motorcyclist and crashed into the back of the motorcycle, which threw the rider off the bike. The driver of the motorcycle suffered fatal injuries at the scene, abc4 reports.

The Utah Department of Public Safety said the driver of the Tesla struck the rear of the motorcycle, knocking the motorcyclist to the ground and killing him instantly.

The driver was using the Tesla Autopilot system at the time of the crash, authorities said.

Tesla’s advanced driver assistance system, known as Autopilot, is under increasing scrutiny from a federal agency.

Last week, the NHTSA opened an investigation into a 2021 Tesla Model Y crash that killed a motorcyclist in California earlier this month.

The US agency has also opened an investigation into one such fatal accident involving a 2018 Tesla Model 3 in California that killed a pedestrian.

NHTSA is also investigating another fatal Tesla crash in Florida that killed a 66-year-old Tesla driver and a 67-year-old passenger.

In May, the agency began investigating a 2022 Tesla Model S crash that killed three people.


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