The Apple Watch may be showing a round of sports soon

The Apple Watch may be showing a round of sports soon, suggesting a new patent

Apple has registered a new patent that can take the Apple Watch design to higher heights. A patent defines a flexible, round-wrap around the clock, allowing for more customization. The company has so far used square dials on its Apple Watch, which has a variety of bands, but adding a device that wraps around the device could give Apple a greater measure of user experience (UI).

The display module also includes a graphical user interface (GUI) controller, to control the information displayed on the display substrate, where the display substrate incorporates the first display location associated with the face of the wearable electronic device and the second display area associated with the wearable device belt , “defines the definition of copyright.

This new version could lead to a major redesign of the Apple Watch, which could include a round clock face. But Apple is not only considering patents for smartwatches, the technology can also be installed on televisions.

“In line with the design of the display module can be fitted with an electronic wearable device, for example, a smartwatch. In such a display, the display of the display area includes the face of the clock and the smartwatch band. In some embodiments, the display substrate is protected from spool. In such displays, the spool may insert one or more driver circuits where the electrical connection and the number of connectors are connected. In another application, the display module may be televised, “explains the patent definition.

By design, Apple has realized that the technology could allow “reduced” bezels around the screen, which is currently being used as an effective way to improve the visibility of consumer electronic devices. Companies, including Apple itself, have reduced the size of the bezel to smartphones and laptops, to make them even happier.


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