The Chrome ‘reading list’ feature seems to be enabled

Google Chrome is the most widely used browser in the world, due to its popularity across all platforms and the fact that it is pre-installed on all Android devices that comes with the Google Play Store. Google is constantly adding new features to this service, such as the arrival of a hidden reading list in the browser this month.

While Google has only added to the Chrome Flag read-only version support feature that allows the feature in version 89 of the browser released on March 9, it now looks like Google has begun testing a new setting to enable and disable the reading list to appear in the browser, according to a Android Police report.

A Reddit user posted an image of the setting in action.
A Reddit user posted an image of the setting in action.

A reading list that looks like it could come to Chrome as a legal feature in the coming weeks (or months) feature that allows users to save the links they want to view later instead of marking them. The service is similar to features offered by services such as Read It Later, Pocket and Instapaper, although Google mode is just a bandwidth at the moment and acts as a link collection service.

According to the report, the latest version of Chrome Canary enables the Automatic Reading List and allows users to use the right mouse button in the toolbar below the address bar to access the standard bookmark manager. This will allow users to change the encryption and display a read list button, which will appear at the bottom of your account image.

Users in the latest Canary Build can try to enable the reading list from their bookmarks toolbar by right-clicking the blank space and making sure the option called Show list is changed or turned on, as needed.

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