The first OnePlus smartwatch to be launched on March 23

OnePlus will be hosting the launch of the new OnePlus 9 series on March 23rd. The company also has something more organized. OnePlus recently posted a video that almost confirmed it will launch a new smartwatch soon.

The OnePlus teaser video shares many tweets and requests from interested consumers requesting the launch of a smartwatch. The company responded to requests by saying, “You requested it. You receive it”

The company has also released a blog that outlines solid plans for the upcoming smartwatch. The blog, entitled “Watch this space for new discoveries,” says, “As time begins with the launch of our latest flagship, we’re excited to bring you a special public announcement … it’s time for something new. This new addition to the OnePlus family he is sleeping. ”

The blog suggests that the smartwatch will include a few health trackers, which are widely available on most smartwatches which include tracking sleep and measuring heart rate.

OnePlus did not disclose much other than this information. However, images shared by the company show that the clock will play with a circular dial.

The Chinese brand is also running a competition where participants will have to guess what the product is but only negative feedback will be accepted. OnePlus will be donating nine products to the winners of the competition.

OnePlus will also introduce the OnePlus 9 Smartphones which are expected to feature one ‘Pro’ model and another non-Pro model. The Pro model will have a camera built with Hasselblad.


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