The Google Chrome update will be faster, more secure

Google announced on March 23 via the Chromium blog that the latest upgrades to its Chrome web browser will use the HTTPS protocol automatically to try to search faster and more securely than ever before. Previously, a popular web browser used to replace HTTP with a secure HTTPS protocol whenever a user tried to open a website.

Google claims on its blog that all searches in the address bar that do not include any protocol will have an auto-protected protocol as default. For example, if a user searches for, Chrome used to complete it as http followed by, now it will change.

This protocol will also be followed when a user visits a website they have not visited before. The tech giant explains that since it will need to convert from HTTP to HTTPS, the upload speed will be faster.

Google claims that for sites that do not support HTTPS, Chrome 90 will use HTTP. This protocol will be followed again when the HTTPS attempt failed. These failures include certificate errors (incompatibility or self-signed certificate) and connection errors (DNS resolution failure).

The blog also states that HTTP will protect users “by encrypting traffic sent to the network, so that sensitive users who access websites do not get caught or targeted by attackers or listeners”. Chrome 90 is released for desktop and Android devices first. Google has not given an exact date for the release of iOS devices but says it will follow shortly.

Earlier this month, Chrome re-launched its live feature for a few smartphones. It helps to create captions for any video, podcast, audio message in real time. At present, the feature only supports the English language.


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