The image takes a closer look at the black hole of the M87

Astronomers have used the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) to produce a detailed image of the M87 black hole, showing flaming lines of incredible magnetic fields close to its edges. An image showing a large black hole in the center of the M87 galaxy, about 55 million light-years away. This image was obtained using separate lights.

Astronomers believe that this will help them to understand how black holes can deliver powerful planes from their center that extend “far beyond the galaxy”.

“We now see some important evidence to come to understand how magnetic field behaves in black holes, and how working in this highly congested spacecraft can drive powerful aircraft across the galaxy,” said Monika MoÅ›cibrodzka, EHT Polarimetry Working Group coordinator and Assistant Professor at Radboud University.

The black hole was first captured about two years ago in April 2019 with the help of the EHT partnership. The first image released was blurred and showed light around a dark central region. This was followed by a deeper penetration of data collected in 2017 which revealed that the light around the black hole was cooled. The different magnetic fields in the image are the result of the separated light.

“Light shines through certain filters, such as the lens of illuminated sunglasses, or when released from tropical areas where there is a magnetic field. In the same way that illuminated sunglasses help us to see better by reducing the appearance and brightness of light, astronomers can sharpen their perception of a region near a black hole by observing the intensity of the light emanating from it. Specifically, ecological diversification allows astronomers to draw lines of magnetic fields along the inner edges of the black hole, ”explains the release.

Astronomers hope to understand why the black hole ate the matter (celestial object) in its orbit and how it released large jet particles into space. The image separated by the paint gives astronomers an understanding of the outer region of the black hole where the matter is flowing and extracted.


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