Internet Explorer fan erects tombstone in its memory, says THIS

The Internet Explorer fan puts a monument in his memory, says THIS

Internet Explorer, a popular brand, has finally been discontinued by Microsoft. Despite the fact that the web browser was often ridiculed, many people are saddened by its demise. The Internet Explorer browser, first published in 1995 as part of the Windows 95 package, could not keep up with its competitors. When Microsoft’s 27-year legacy expired on June 15, it sparked a wave of curiosity among internet users. In the 1990’s and early 2000’s, those who used the browser in business, or even in schools and homes, expressed their positive memories about it on social media. A South Korean man became so angry that he threw a stone at Internet Explorer.

In the South Korean city of Gyueongju, a man erected a tombstone. “He was a great tool for downloading other browsers,” reads the inscription on the monument. In a post titled “Remembering His Great achievements,” an Internet Explorer activist apparently uploaded commemorative photos. South Koreans were officially forced to use Internet Explorer when shopping and banking until 2014, according to a report. South Korean authorities apparently used Microsoft’s ActiveX component to create ‘digital certificates’ for personal information. Learn More: ‘Bye Bye Sir’: A separate delete letter from the internet, network users are responding

On June 15, Microsoft shut down Internet Explorer, 27 years after it was first released in 1995. Microsoft has been urging Windows 10 customers to switch to Microsoft Edge, describing it as “the fastest, most secure, and most up-to-date browser.” “Internet Explorer (IE) has officially retired and is no longer in effect from today, June 15, 2022,” announced Sean Lyndersay, General Manager, Microsoft Edge Enterprise, in a blog post. People can still see Internet Explorer on their devices, but when they click to unlock it, Microsoft Edge will open by accessing IE mode, according to the blog. Learn More: Code for using Garena Free Fire today, June 18: Here’s how to apply the code

Other versions of Internet Explorer, such as “all currently supported Windows 10 LTSC (including IoT) versions, Windows Server versions and Windows 10 Chinese Government Edition,” Windows 8.1, and Windows 7 with Extended Security Updates (ESUs), will continue to be supported by Microsoft.


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