The LG OLED 48CX 4K TV has been launched in India

LG has introduced a new OLED 48CX TV aimed at gamers and movie buffs. Smart TV based on 48-inch 4K webOS, priced at Rs 1,99,990 and powered by Nvidia G-Sync and other gaming consoles. Here’s what you need to know about the new LG TV.

Features of LG OLED 48CX TV and descriptions

The LG OLED 48CX TV is the first gaming device with a maximum size of 48 inches. The large size will help young and old gamers by providing a great and immersive gaming experience. The LG OLED48CX TV is powered by Nvidia G-Sync to support responsive display output during playback. LG claims that this provides reliable information without tearing and stuttering.

The LG OLED 48CX TV also has an LG’s Alpha 9 Gen 3 processor that claims the product claim brings a balanced sound effect with AI Acoustic Tuning and supports gaming-focused features such as high frame rate, VRR (Variable Refresh Rate), ALLM ( Auto Low Latency Mode) and eARC (Audio Recovery Channel), all meet HDMI 2.1 specifications.

With ALLM, the low-lag TV playback mode is automatically selected when the compatible console is connected, and the VRR is similar in strength to the refresh rate of the TV and the independent level emitted by the console. Other features include a Sports Alert feature that provides a sports viewing experience by providing real-time alerts to users on their favorite sports news and sports updates.

The TV also has Dolby Vision IQ and Atmos which makes Dolby Vision content on the user’s TV according to the room light. Also included are Google Assistant support, Alexa, Apple AirPlay 2, and HomeKit. The TV also comes with a two-way wireless audio that helps the user to connect Bluetooth headsets or audio bars wirelessly with the TV.

Prices and availability

The LG OLED 48CX TV costs Rs 1,99,990 and interested users can go to the LG India website to find the nearest TV dealer.

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