The next generation of the Pro starts with the A14X chip

The new iPad Pro is coming soon, and will be as powerful as the latest MacBook Air and M1 chip based on the Arm. Details come from 9to5Mac, which received a reference to the A14X chip in the fifth beta version of iOS 14.5 which talks about a chip called 13G. The chip, as many have suggested, may be the A14X processor that will enable the iPad Pro to be launched soon.

This is not the first time we have heard that the next generation iPad Pro will be powered by the A14X processor. In fact, it has been widely reported that the new A14X chip, according to Bloomberg sources, “is compatible with the fastest M1 chip in the latest MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac mini.” Sure, the iPad Pro will be much more powerful than its processor, but do we need that level of performance?

The iPad Pro is installed on a specific type of consumer and those users already have a Mac. The Macbook Air, for example, is designed to use legacy software and therefore requires a powerful processor. Apple’s new Mac range, which works on the company’s internal processor, the Arm-based M1 chip, satisfies many consumers – even professional users. The iPad Pro is not the killer of the MacBook Pro yet, although Apple’s high-end tablet is quick to replace other people’s laptops.

The powerful A14X processor will give the iPad Pro the ability to use desktop quality apps. Many production apps like Photoshop are already doing well on the iPad Pro. Reports suggest that the new iPad Pro will continue to be offered in two screen sizes, but the 12.9-inch may have a Mini LED screen. The upcoming iPad Pro also has rumors of a coming up with Thunderbolt port.

Apparently Apple is hosting a launch event in April where it could launch a new iPad Pro. There are a few new devices to be unveiled next month including redesigned AirPods, powerful Apple TV and AirTags.

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