WhatsApp messages are end-to-end encrypted. (MINT_PRINT)

The report claiming that the government will monitor WhatsApp chats is fake!  

A report is doing the rounds on the internet which claims that the Indian government will monitor WhatsApp chats and also take action against people. If you also received the message, be warned. The message is fake. A fact check of the report by the Press Information Bureau (PIB) Fact Check found the report to be false.

The said report also says that the government has issued guidelines for the same. In its tweet, PIB Fact Check clarifies that no such directive has been issued.

“A report doing rounds on social media claims that Indian government has issued new #WhatsApp guidelines to monitor chats and take action against people #PIBFactCheck : This report is #FAKE; No such instructions have been released by the government,” the tweet read.

Currently, WhatsApp displays a single check mark for a sent message, a double check mark for a delivered message, and a blue double check mark for a read message. The last one is optional and can be turned off if the user wants.

Interestingly, the fake circulation associates the number of ticks for a message with some random actions. For example, three blue ticks on a WhatsApp message will mean that the government has taken note of your message. If the number of ticks is 2 blue and 1 red, it would mean that the government can take action against you. While one blue tick and two red ticks indicate that the government is scanning your data. And three red checkmarks indicate that the government has taken action and you will receive a subpoena. Note that this is all false, untrue, untrue and very ridiculous. Do not fall for such messages. Meta-owned WhatsApp also claims that messages are end-to-end encrypted and cannot be read by others, not even WhatsApp.


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