The truth behind the rainbow NASA rainbow that captured Mars

NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover created chaos online when it shared beautiful photos taken on Mars’ face. Among the lots of photos shared by the rover was a picture of what looked like a rainbow on the Red planet.

The image has caused a great deal of outrage on social media, with some thinking that the rainbow should not be visible in the Martian atmosphere due to the presence of excessive dry air.

Some Reddit users have suggested that the structure in the photo shoot by a NASA rover is not a rainbow but a bow of dust. For those of you who are unsure, the Martian area is extremely dusty. One of the Redditors claims that the dust found on Mars is far better than that found in the deserts of Earth, which in turn helps to create this phenomenon on Martian soil.

Now, NASA is rushing to answer all the questions and end the controversy permanently.

“Many asked: ‘Is that the rainbow on Mars? No. Rainbow is not possible here. The rainbow is made of light that is reflected by circular water droplets, but there is not enough water here to thicken, and it is very cold to get liquid water in the air. This arc is on fire, ”NASA tweeted.

In case you are unsure. It is the lens flare taken by a NASA rover in the picture, not a rainbow or a rainbow.


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