U.K.’s National Health Service trials smart goggles for nurses on home visits of patients

The UK’s National Health Service is testing smart glasses for nurses during home visits to patients

England’s state-funded NHS said that if the patient agrees, the VR headset can transcribe the appointment directly into electronic records, reducing time-consuming administrative tasks for nurses.

State-of-the-art smart glasses will be worn by community nurses on home visits in a bid to free up time with patients as part of a cutting-edge trial in East Anglia, Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) announced on Saturday.

The state-funded health service said if the patient agreed, a virtual reality-style headset could transcribe the appointment directly into electronic records, reducing time-consuming administration for nurses.

Staff will be able to share live footage directly with hospital colleagues to get a second opinion without the need for further appointments or hospital admissions, and includes thermal imaging to help assess how wounds and injuries have healed.

“Some of the best innovation comes from local solutions, so through this project NHS staff can test what works for them and what gives patients the best possible care,” said Dr. Tim Ferris, NHS Director of Transformation.

“These new smart glasses are the latest cutting-edge technology and really show us what the future of the NHS could look like – benefiting both staff and patients, freeing up time-consuming administrative work for nurses, meaning more time for the patient. care,” he said.

The trial starts next week

The glasses, which also help nurses look up their next appointment for the day and check how long it will take to get there based on up-to-date travel information, will be trialled in North Lincolnshire and Goole from next week. It is estimated that community nurses spend more than half of their day filling out forms and manually entering patient information.

The pilot will help expand their capacity and give them more time for clinical tasks such as checking blood pressure, dressing wounds and assessing a patient’s relevant health needs, NHS England said when it awarded Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust £400,000 for the trial. technology as part of a wider innovation project that is set to fund a further 16 pilot projects in the coming months.

The NHS is deploying new technology

It forms part of the NHS’s long-term plan to deploy the latest cutting-edge technology while bringing new innovations and treatments to patients across the country.

Earlier this year, the NHS announced that Parkinson’s patients will be given a life-changing smartwatch that will allow doctors to assess their condition remotely in a pioneering project.

Clinical nurse specialist Becky Birchall said her team were excited to be the first in the country to take smart glasses to community visits.

“We are so excited to be the first NHS team in England to trial the smart glasses and can’t wait to take them on our community visits to see our patients,” said Birchall.

“We currently spend a significant amount of time writing our patient visits and these cutting edge glasses will really help reduce the time we need for admin and support us in caring for our patients,” she said.

Thermal imaging function

“The glasses have a thermal imaging feature that I think will be particularly useful for us when we’re examining wounds, and those features will really help us provide the best possible care for our patients,” she added.

The pilot project is one of 17 projects across 16 health organizations to receive a £6m share of the Digital PODAC Unified Tech Fund – set up by NHS England to harness the potential of digital technology to support the delivery of care in ambulances and ambulances. community health service sectors.


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