Women orders Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max got soap instead

The women ordered the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max, instead getting soap. Details here

Apple iPhones have fans across borders and are trying to get it on offers, discounts, refunds both online and offline. Sometimes, an online delivery can give you a headache despite giving you an easy purchase. A similar incident of erroneous delivery occurred in the UK when a woman who bought an iPhone 13 Pro Max received soap instead of a phone.

Khaoula Lafhaily, a woman from the UK, ordered an iPhone 13 Pro Max from a local retailer (SkyMobile) for about USD 2000 (approximately Rs 1.5 lakh) and returned the soap. A case that appears to be anonymous is being investigated.

Khaoula Lafhaily has purchased the iPhone 13 Pro Max from local SkyMobile on a 36-month contract. He bought it on January 24. The delivery boy took three days to bring him the phone.

When she gave birth, she found that the box had a bottle filled with hand soap. He lodged a complaint with SkyMobile after they said they were looking into the matter. However, it has been a week and the network company has not yet issued any updates.

Similar incidents are often reported by Indians where they find something like a Vim bar instead of a gift. Internet shoppers also get bricks and stones instead of phones as well.

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