This closed copy of Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. is on sale

Vineyards in the form of mint sold at very high weather prices are nothing new. The lack of availability in modern times makes these mint games a good thing for collectors. A closed copy of Super Mario Bros for NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) is currently on sale for a basic bid of $ 310,000 (over Rs 2.27 crore). In a sense, that is the price of an expensive sports car like the Lamborghini Huracan Performante Spyder.

If someone buys the same, the price can make the game the most expensive collectible game ever sold when you invest in consumer money bringing in a total of about $ 372,000. Of course, more than that amount could be purchased if a higher bid could take effect. Its closest competitor is the ‘Nintendo PlayStation’ model which was sold at auction last year for $ 360,000. The console was kind and managed to play both cartridge games and CD-ROMs. It has never been released, though.

Returning to the Super Mario Bros. game, more than 40.24 million copies have been sold worldwide since the game began in 1985, making Super Mario Bros one of the best-selling games in history. Since then, the game has been an integral part of popular culture.

The game, along with the NES console, was a major sporting event that set the stage for games where depth and exploration and MarioNin became more important factors, rather than just high school scores.

limited edition

A copy of Super Mario Bros.’s auction is more than just a regular cartoon coming up. Limited edition. “It is fair to say that Nintendo was able to put a trademark on the Nintendo Entertainment System in their game boxes in early 1987,” said Heritage Auction, the auction house where the game was sold. This makes the copy one of the few cardboard products produced in the short term, between 1985 and mid-1986, which further adds to its completeness.


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