This trick will help to hide your number in the Telegram

Telegram is an embedded messaging app, many of which are privacy-oriented features. One of the many Telegram skills is to hide personal information from the people you send or to those in the same group as you.

Hiding your phone number prevents strangers from finding your registered phone number and abuses you on Telegram on or off the platform. Here’s how to hide your phone number in just a few simple steps.

How to hide your phone number in Telegram

Step 1: Turn on the phone, go to settings

Open the Telegram app and pull out the hamburger menu from the right. Select the settings option to enter the Telegram settings.


Step 2: Obey Privacy and Security

Under the Settings tab, find the ‘Privacy and Security’ section. Under this option, you’ll find the Privacy tab where you can choose who can view various things like your profile picture, last view status and more.

Step 3: Change the ‘Phone Number’ setting to no one

Find the ‘Phone Number’ option and change the corresponding ‘No’ option if you want complete privacy. Alternatively, you can set it up and say ‘My Contacts’, making your number visible only to those you’ve already saved a number to in your contacts. When you set up for anyone, a new option will appear below asking who can access your account using your number. You can select anyone or Contacts in this option.

Bonus tip

The same category of privacy settings can also be used to hide many other information that can be used to harass or track you. This includes your profile picture, your last appearance and the state of the internet. You can also decide who can drive you and put you in groups in this category.

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