Both Android and desktop versions of the Gmail app support this feature.

Tired of spam emails? How to unsubscribe and delete bulk emails in Gmail

An email inbox is a virtual workstation. It serves as the first point of contact for all logins to apps, jobs, services, online transactions, purchases, etc. So an inbox full of marketing and promotional emails is space-hungry and can be cluttered.

The mailbox can receive spam from multiple sources. For example, when users make an online purchase, they may inadvertently give permission to receive additional promotional emails. Alternatively, the company could have provided the user’s email address as part of the list, flagging the potential for spamming to marketers.

Gmail gives users the ability to prevent a particular company from flooding their inbox with promotional newsletters. Both Android and desktop versions of Gmail support this feature.

Here’s how to enable it:

STEP 1 Open Gmail on your computer or mobile phone.

STEP 2 Go to the email you want to unsubscribe from.

STEP 3 Tap on the menu option with three dots.

STEP 4 Tap on the available Log Out option.

Using a simple trick, users can quickly remove all unwanted marketing emails from their inbox. There is a small “unsubscribe” button at the end of every marketing or promotional email. Simply type this unsubscribe into the inbox search box and click the search button. You will see a list of all emails that have an unsubscribe button. Then, select all emails and press the Delete button. In addition, users can deselect any other important mail they may need.


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