Twitter against the political ad, flags fraudulent content

The Microblogging Twitter site uses a number of measures before the legislative elections in the four provinces and the Union Territory, including measures such as blocking unsolicited political advertisements by identifying and blocking the proposed content of candidates and parties. The provinces of West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Assam, Kerala, and the Union Territory Puducherry are going to the polls on March 27.

Significantly, most of Twitter’s measures to enforce electoral laws based on the actions taken by the region in previous elections in India and abroad. “Twitter shut down political advertisements in 2019, we believe that access to political messages should be achieved, not bought, and end up with advertisements from political candidates and political parties. We take reasonable steps to restrict banned political advertising through a wide range of coercive and diverse methods. This includes targeting and blocking advertisements for candidates, parties, and other election-related content, ”the company said in a blogpost.

In addition, Twitter expanded its group “on local, cultural and linguistic information” to deal with “attempts to deceive the forum with content that could incite violence, harassment, threats and the dangers of offline danger.”

Twitter was accused after initially refusing to block other accounts in its area following some requests from the government, following protests at Red Fort on January 26.

“We continue to invest in technology solutions and use technology-supported tools to detect and expose offensive content very effectively. In this way, content that is likely to cause harm is prioritized for review by our expert team to determine if the content violates the Twitter Code, ”it said.

Twitter will also try to find used media and when “people trying to Twitter again who have a label made of and made for others, they will immediately see what they point to in reliable information”. “These Tweets will not be recommended for the algorithm by Twitter, which further reduces the visibility of misleading information,” the site said.

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