Twitter fixes bug search for ‘Memphis’ search results

Twitter has fixed a bug that caused an automatic suspension of accounts by tweeting the name “Memphis”. The social media site has also returned accounts that have been temporarily affected by the bug.

“Many Twitter accounts with the name” Memphis “have been temporarily suspended due to malware. Repaired and accounts now restored. We are sorry for the inconvenience,” said Twitter Support.

According to The Independent, many discovered the virus after sharing a picture of Dutch bartballer Memphis Depay.

Responding to the issue, Olympique Lyonnais posted a picture of Depay on Twitter with captions saying “can we talk about him yet?”. The Memphis Grizzlies basketball team also tweeted “the m m.”

Many Twitter users have reported that their posts have been removed immediately, and their accounts have been banned from sharing the name. Some users say they have been locked out of their accounts for about 12 hours of tweet name.


Later, many users changed their names to “Memphis” to make a point. Others also found blocking function by spelling. For example, some write ‘Memphìs’ instead of ‘Memphis’. Other reports suggest that verified handles are not disturbed by the hacker.

That said, Twitter’s explanation doesn’t really explain why its system automatically blocked the account using the term “Memphis”.

The bug came just days after Twitter activated a new feature that would allow for automatic blocking and mute of malicious accounts. The feature will be available in “Safety Mode”.

Once approved, the social networking site will “automatically block accounts that appear to be in violation of the Twitter Code, and block accounts that may use profanity, name-calling, strong language, or hate speech.” Twitter has said it will automatically detect accounts that it considers abusive or spammy and limits how such accounts can interact with its content.

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