Twitter is allowing more Android users to grab their space

Clubhouse began the transformation of the public audio app last year, when its iOS system exploded in popularity and launched a massive race between major apps like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to create competitive services. Twitter, which already looks to have been beaten by Clubhouse in the race to open the Android app, recently allowed users to join ”˜Spaces”™ voice chats. This company reportedly allows multiple users to start managing their Spaces.

Until recently, iOS and Android users could join Twitter Space hosted by certain users, but they were unable to create their own Spaces, as the feature is still being tested by the company. While fewer users on iOS were later allowed to create space, allowing better conversations on the platform, Android users are severely limited in joining posts. This is now about to be replaced by the release of hosting spaces for more users on Android, according to XDA.

Users who want to start creating their own Spaces on Twitter can update their app with the latest stable build from Google Play Store, or version 8.87.0-release.01, according to the report. Once they have the latest version of the installed app they can navigate to the app’s main screen (or home screen) and tap the floating Tweet developer action button. That should show a new icon above the images and GIF buttons, which will allow users to create a public space that others can join.

While it is not known when Twitter will finally launch a stable version of Spaces that will be available to all users on the platform, recent reports indicate that the day will be just in April. The advent of this feature for many users on Android suggests that the introduction of Twitter posts could be in the corner.

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