Twitter tests ‘Notes’ feature for long-form content

Twitter is exploring the ‘Notes’ feature of long form content

The communications company is currently testing this feature with a small group of writers

Twitter said on Wednesday it had begun testing a new feature called ‘Notes’ that would allow writers to create news and other long-distance content on the platform.

The communications company is currently testing the feature with a small group of authors, saying, adding, “We plan to gradually increase the number of people who will be able to access this feature. Time will depend on what we learn during the present trial. ”

The long form text feature allows writers to create a Note with up to 2,500 words in its body and up to 100 letters in its title. Users can click on the ‘Write’ tab on the left panel to start writing a note, paste the media and other tweets into it, and then publish the Note.

Authors can also edit the Note after it has been published. It will have an edited label at the top of the tweet.

The published note will appear locally as a Note card, which is a tweet that actually contains a preview of the Note link. When people select a link to the card, the note created by the author will open.

These notes can be read on Twitter and abroad, by people in many countries, according to a small blogging forum. And people do not have to sign in or have a Twitter account to read Notes.

In selected countries where Notes are available, users will see Notes cards in their timeline if they are following someone who participated in the tweet review team, or if someone is following retweets, quotes, tweets, or sharing a Note link, Twitter said. . .

In addition to presenting the Notes, a small blogging platform made Revue, a media company that acquired last year, part of Twitter Write, which is a composer tool used to create Notes.

In 2017, Twitter doubled the number of characters in tweets to 280 characters from 140 characters. Now, introduce the text of the long form text. So, does it go from short form to long? Twitter says “no”, on the support page, adding, “The purpose of the tool we are testing is to provide more information to authors on Twitter other than Tweets.”


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