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Twitter is now testing “Edit Tweet” with subscribers, here’s what to keep in mind

Twitter is launching and testing one of its most anticipated features: the ability to edit a tweet after it’s been posted. This is currently not an option for users and remains in demand. Twitter says the feature is being tested internally, and the test will be extended to Twitter Blue subscribers in the coming weeks. Twitter Blue is the company’s paid subscription service available in select countries. Not yet available in India.

Even on Twitter Blue, the rollout will be localized to one country at first. This feature will only be expanded as the company learns and observes how people use “Edit Tweet”.

Twitter says it’s taking a slow and careful approach with this particular feature as it wants to identify and fix potential problems. He also wants to get a full picture of how people might abuse the feature before it becomes widely available. As Twitter is a public platform, the ‘edit’ option has raised concerns that it could be used to hide past trolling activity and not just the odd typo.

So how will Edit Tweet work?

Users who have access to the ‘Edit Tweet’ feature will be able to make changes to a tweet approximately 30 minutes after it is posted. Twitter seems to allow multiple edits to a tweet during this 30 minute time limit.

The company’s post further notes that “edited tweets will appear with an icon, timestamp, and label to make it clear to readers that the original tweet has been edited.” If a user taps the label, they’ll be taken to the tweet’s edit history, “which includes past versions of the tweet for context’.

Twitter says that the “Edit Tweet” feature will ensure that users can correct typos, missing tags, etc. in their tweets. It adds that the time limit and version history play an important role in adding context when it comes to edited tweets. History will also “help protect the integrity of the conversation,” according to Twitter. The goal is also to “create a publicly accessible record of what was said,” the company adds.

Twitter says it’s “deliberately testing Edit Tweet with a smaller group” and the idea is also to understand “how people might abuse the feature.” Twitter Blue users will get early access to the feature next month, and the test will be localized.

“We’ll also be paying close attention to how this feature affects the way people read, write and engage with Tweets,” the blog post said.


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