Twitter promises to work with the government to protect the rights of citizens

On Friday Twitter promised to work with law enforcement and government lawyers to protect freedom of speech and to protect “public discourse” in India amid continued controversy over posts on social media.

Twitter officials have appeared before Parliament’s parliamentary information technology (IT) committee to address questions about its response to the government’s new IT laws.

The committee, led by Congressmaker Shashi Tharoor, told the company that “national law” would be high and not internal policies on Twitter, reports PTI.

This was already part of the committee’s regular discussions with the industry.

The agenda, according to Parliament’s website, was to hear the views of Twitter representatives based on evidence from representatives of the Department of Technology and Information (MeitY) on the issue of protecting civil rights and preventing social media / online media platforms, including special emphasis on women’s digital security “.

Twitter said in a statement, “We are grateful for the opportunity to present our views to the Information Technology Committee. Twitter is committed to working with the committee on the important task of protecting citizens’ rights online in line with our principles of transparency, freedom of speech, and privacy. ”

“We will continue to work with the Indian government as part of our shared commitment to working for and protecting public relations,” he said.

The microblogging giant took part in a debate over the government’s mediators’ guidelines announced in February. The guidelines require social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp to appoint officials to work in key law enforcement agencies, create automated procedures to remove pornography, remove offensive content within 36 hours of receiving a legal letter, and follow the creator of annoying posts and messages.

Adherence to the guidelines is essential for platforms to enjoy the secure protection of ports described in Section 79 of the IT Act.

The government has repeatedly stated that Twitter does not comply with these guidelines.

“Many questions arise as to whether Twitter has the right to provide safe ports. However, the simple fact is that Twitter has failed to comply with the Intermediary Guidelines, which came into effect on May 26, “said IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on June 16.

“We inform MeitY of progress in all steps of the process. The interim chief law enforcement officer is retained and the information will be shared directly with the Department. Twitter continues to make every effort to comply with the new guidelines, “Twitter said at the time.



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