Twitter Spaces: Manage Your Space, Invite Other Users

Twitter is testing the gaps, its launch to take over Clubhouse, Apple’s only audio audio chat platform. Spaces work by creating hosted audio chat rooms, where the manager can control who is speaking. Spaces also allow users to respond to emoji, and it currently works on inserting automatic captions within Spaces. Here’s how you can create and join Twitter Spaces.

How to create Twitter posts

While any Twitter user on Android and iOS has the ability to join the existing Space, only selected users have the ability to create Twitter Space, because it is still being tested, even though the company is releasing it to more people.

If you are one of the select few, creating Space is really easy. To create a Space, go to your Twitter homepage and long-press the ‘name tweet’ button. This will open the Spaces icon next to it. Click on it to start your Space.

Alternatively, you can also tap your profile picture on Fleets, scroll right and tap Spaces. Twitter has revealed that it will soon bring the ability to build and join Spaces to everyone soon.

How to Invite People to Your Space

When you launch the new Twitter Space, the manager can choose who can speak. The host can only allow, everyone, people you follow or invite only people to speak. Only 11 people can speak in space at any one time, including the manager. Know that Spaces are public and anyone can join your Space as a listener, including people who don’t follow you.

When you hold Space, you can let the audience by giving them a link to your Space. Alternatively, you can also share the link elsewhere or tweet it to us. Listeners can also request permission to speak in space. The curator can then assign or withdraw speaking power to any listener in Space.


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