Twitter turns 15: 5 key moments during the app’s appearance

It is Twitter’s 15th birthday – commemorating the first tweet “just set up my twttr” by founder Jack Dorsey on March 21, 2006. widely used worldwide today.

At the age of 15, the company has now decided to change tracks and create some unusual features that were once considered impossible on the platform, such as the Super Follow feature, new purchase features, and the postpone Post tweets feature. All of this is proof that Twitter is constantly changing over time, in an effort to stay relevant within the competition.

Here are five key moments in Twitter’s history, either because of events around the world or features of the icon added to the platform:

Twitter imports hashtags (2007)

Hashtags were not the creation of Twitter, and when Chris Messina brought them to the platform in 2007, they were far behind in the early 1990’s in the form of a messaging organization tool on the Internet Relay Chat network, also known as the IRC.

The first hashtag was posted on Twitter by Messina in August 2007 and the first use of the feature came two months later during the California fire. However, they were only accepted as a valid search function in 2009 when the company allowed users to see others using the same hashtag.

Arrival of Promoted Advertising Tweets (2010)

Like Clubhouse and other new operating companies now using investor funds, every communication service should ultimately be profitable. When a social network has gained a certain number of users, it should start charging them to use the service, or introduce advertising to keep the lights on.

After the company gained 100 million new users in 2010, a historic year for the new company, Twitter introduced sponsored or Promoted tweets for the first time, a feature that stayed on the platform as a way to make money and is expected to fulfill future paid features – which will be voluntary.

Anti-harassment tools make their appearance on Twitter (2014)

Towards the end of 2014, the company released new tools to prevent harassment on the platform by tagging tweets, which later changed over the years into dumb filters, quality filters, blocking and reporting content.

However content rating, which works better than any filters and tools has always been slow and ineffective on Twitter, unlike other popular networks like Reddit which is generally known for better content rating on its platform.

Third-party applications find it easier to use (2020)

Twitter has been supporting third-party applications for more than a decade now, but the company has been placing one or more restrictions on the platform, even if it restricts apps from registering 1 lakh accounts, or restricts access to things like threaded chats, voting and so on.

Twitter says API access will be granted on three difference levels.
Twitter says API access will be provided at three different levels. (Twitter)

However, last year, the company released a new system interface (API) that would allow developers to do more on the platform, or not all features are available for free.

Twitter incorporates modern features with Fleets, Voice DMs and Spaces (2020)

Last year, Twitter finally embraced one feature that has been introduced by each modern social media platform – temporary “news” that disappears after 24 hours. Made popular by Instagram, and Snapchat, the news feature gave Twitter a chance to watch.

Another feature that has been released a bit now is the ability to send Voice DMs to other users, while the company is also in the middle of releasing Spaces, its competition service with Clubhouse which is expected to arrive next month.


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