Twitter Undo Send button can be a paid feature

Twitter was recently seen testing the “Undo Send” feature of tweets. It”™s close to the editing button, something that Twitter may never have introduced. But it looks like Undo Posting will be part of the Twitter subscription service that you plan to open soon.

Postponing Posting is currently under review, and has been identified as part of a subscription service making it one of the paid features. This was seen by Jane Manchun Wong who posted a screenshot showing the Twitter registration page and Undo Tweet listed under Feature Settings. The Twitter feature of postponing a post appears as soon as you post a tweet. As soon as a tweet is sent, Twitter displays a pop-up message that says “Your tweet has been sent.” Just below it will show the undo button. There will be a few seconds when you have to choose to undo to delete that tweet.

The Twitter Undo Send button is similar to how Gmail allows users to postpone sending an email a few seconds after sending it. In Gmail, the setback count can be set between 5 to 30 seconds. There is no word on how long Twitter will keep it back.

Twitter confirmed to CNET that it was indeed considering a delay in posting but did not say whether it would be a paid one. It would not be surprising if Twitter included the Unsubscribe under the subscription service. It is very close to getting to the editing button.

Twitter plans to start charging for its services starting with ‘Super Follows’ which will be launched this year. Twitter users will be able to charge their fans for accessing additional content through Super Follows.

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