USB microphone Tonor TC-777 launched at Affordable price

Tonor is a start-up company established in the year 2019. Already has a good market share in the US and Europe, selling their other products like microphones and karaoke system. Specialising in different forms of microphones, mostly now the professionals are appreciating and understanding the importance of different forms of microphones and karaoke system.

Formerly these sophisticated gadgets were only meant for professionals who were already established as it was a costly component. Due to advanced technology they were having a monopoly in their business. In this early 21st century technology has taken a quantum leap. No longer consumers are brand conscious, they prefer the services which are having different features, easily accessible and most importantly cost-effective.

M/s Tonor has come out with various products in the field of sound management. The pioneer of this project has been set up by a well-known professional in the field of singing and music industry Mr. Kevin Richards. He has used his experience and expertise to help the fellow aspirants in the arena of the Music Industry.

For more company profiling

The present launch product is Tonor TC-777

It is driver-free, with plug-and-play design, installing the USB microphone is very easy.

It is of high-quality and provides accurate pickup and is reliable.

While checking the Amazon website for buying Microphone with better sound enhancement, saw a rating of 4.5 out of 5 with 2,008 reviews. It is not sold in India, but after reading the feedback I thought of writing the blog about this.


Tonor TC-777 USB

Will like to give a synopsis of the Tonor TC-777 USB microphone.

Microphone TypeCondensor
Connection TypeUSB 2.0 (Plug and Play)Length: 1.5m
Operating voltage: 5V DC
Pick up (Polar) PatternCardioid (Crisp and Bright voice)
Sampling Rate44.1KHz/16Bit
Frequency Response100Hz-16KHz
Output Impedance680Ω
Max.SPL110db(at 1khz≤1%THD)
S/N Ratio56dB
Dimensions15cm x 4.5cm
Weight12.2 ounces (345.9 grams)
Price$39.99 (official website), $41.99 (on Amazon)

Tonor TC-777 comes with:

  • 1x Metal tripod with rubber ends 
  • 1x Shock mount which can be adjusted up to 180º
  • 1x Foam mic cover 
  • 1x Wind Filter 
  • 1x Detachable pop filter 
  • 1x Warranty card (2 years) 
  • 1x detailed instructions for setup and connecting to both Mac and PC operating systems

SLOBS, Vmix and OBS software and picks up the voice perfectly. Automatically connected and works great when anyone is gaming and using discord simultaneously.

Shock mounts can be combined with a boom stand with 5/8 ” threaded inserts. Note: If the thread you insert comes with 3/8 ”, then 3/8 ” Female to 5/8 ” male threaded screw adapter is required (not included).

Now the company is trying to spread the wings, crossing all the borders and looking forward to entry in the Asian market where consumers are waiting for alternates. Now the usage has increased, formally it was restricted only to studios and concerts, but professionals are using these sophisticated appliances in their homes for better quality recording, as it has become economical and quality of recording matches the studio.


After going through all the given details I was quite surprised with the overall package being offered. If you want tasks such as meetings, conference, podcast, and gaming then it would be an ideal product for you. And at this affordable price, competitions are few, with these many specifications it is difficult to find any other product. The product also comes with a 2-year warranty.

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