Users are happy with the integration of the Zip installment service into Edge Browser

Microsoft has included the “buy now, pay later” extension in its browser Edge, which offers the use of the Zip service (formerly QuadPay) to pay your installments when you make a purchase.

The Zip registration offer comes from the payment pages at the same location where the bank card number is entered. Additionally, in some cases, details about the service are embedded in the opt-out page, as if from a promise from an online store. Edge offers Zip services only if the order price is between $ 35 and $ 1000.

Zip service allows you to purchase with an interest-free installment plan for six weeks, during which you need to make four payments. However, in the provision of the service, the service charges $ 1 for each payment made, which means the user will spend $ 4 more anyway.

Edge offers Zip payments to online stores automatically, even if the store itself does not offer such an option. Microsoft’s support page states that stores should contact the company if they do not want their customers to use the Zip service when paying for purchases on the site.

Edge users have strongly criticized the new browser feature. Some believe it is slowing down the Internet, while others are deeply concerned about the possible financial consequences for those who already have problems with credit history. Additionally, these services are targeted at cyber criminals who can use them to obtain free goods.

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