Vodafone Idea Vi and Ericsson today achieved a peak download speed of 592 Gbps during the ongoing 5G trials Mint

Vodafone Idea reaches a maximum download speed of 5.92 Gbps in Pune

Vodafone Idea (Vi) and Ericsson today achieved a maximum download speed of 5.92 Gbps during continuous 5G testing. Vi’s new speed record, obtained from a single test device during a 5G test in Pune, Maharashtra, was made with a combination of middle-band and high-band (mmWave) 5G trial 5G using Ericson radios Massive MIMO, Ericsson cloud. Indigenous dual-core 5G dual mode for independent buildings and NR-DC (New Radio-Dual Connectivity) software.

With 5G Standalone NR-DC software, Vi can deliver slow-moving and highly efficient applications such as AR / VR and 8K video streaming as well as new consumer and business use cases once it has rolled out 5G to its commercial network.

Earlier during its 5G trial and Pune trial display, Vi had shown a speed of more than 4 Gbps. A new 5.92 Gbps speed record has been achieved through Government allocating 5G spectrum tests.

Jagbir Singh, Chief Technology Officer, Vi said, “The test shows that Vi is constantly testing and preparing its network of new 5G applications that will rely on low bandwidth, reliability and high 5G speeds. Given the growing demand for consumer-focused media and video streaming services, the 5G speed shown will help us prepare for broadband mobile speeds and greater customer network capacity requirements, as we prepare for the ‘5G Better Future’ in India. ”

Vi showed a wide range of 5G usage cases during 5G testing in Pune and Gandhinagar.

Amarjeet Singh, Vice President and Head of Customer Unit Vi at Ericsson says, “Achieve this milestone with a download speed of 5.92 Gbps through Ericsson’s 5G Standalone NR-DC software and cloud-native dual- 5G Core mode represents the milestone in the evolution of India 5G Standalone with mmWave. Based on our global deployment of 5G across all 121 live networks, we are confident that we can help our Vi-like customers to easily transform their network into 5G. ”

5G is expected to cover 39 per cent of all mobile subscriptions in India by 2027 according to the Ericsson Mobility Report, November 2021.

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