Android users alert! New malware subscribes users to premium services

Warning for Android users! A new malware program enrolls users in premium services

The U.S. technology team Microsoft 365 Defender Team said growing popularity of malware could sign users of the premium service without their knowledge. According to the GSM Arena, however, the team said that the malware attack is very detailed and there are a few steps that malware should take. First, applications with malware are often classified as “street fraud” and use “flexible code loading” to carry out attacks.

In short, a malware program enrolls users in a premium service using their monthly telecom bill and they are forced to pay.

A malware program only works using the so-called WAP (wireless system protocol) used by mobile networks. This is why some types of malware may disable your Wi-Fi or simply wait for you to log out of Wi-Fi.

This is where the loading of the dynamic code mentioned above begins. Malicious software then registers the service in the background, reads the OTP (one-time password) you may receive before registering, fills in the OTP field on your behalf, and hides the notification to compile its tracks.

The saving grace is that malware is still widely distributed outside of Google Play because Google restricts the use of dynamic code for downloading apps, such as each GSM Arena.


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