Weekly Crypto Roundup: firings, freezing, and falls

Weekly Crypto Roundup: shooting, cold, and falling

The now-famous decentralized finance (DeFi) platform called Celsius has decided to suspend all withdrawals and transfers, citing “extremely dangerous market conditions.”

Crypto is in turmoil in its heyday, but this week there has been a worldwide decline in shock as disaster has hit those who have invested in the sector.


As crypto currency prices plummeted, employees of prominent crypto trading companies were laid off. Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has admitted that the company has hired more people as the price of Bitcoin has risen sharply to more than $ 67,000 by 2021. But as prices have fallen since then, Armstrong said labor costs are too high in the “uncertain market.” Result: about 18% of Coinbase’s global workforce, including 8% of its employees in India, are shown by the department.

Other major crypto businesses, including BlockFi and Crypto.com, have also announced plans to reduce operations.

Coinbase shared a ‘Talent Hub’ for the staff involved to list their qualifications for new roles.

The center had 648 profiles as of June 17, and most of the staff was based in North America, followed by staff in the Asia Pacific region. The two most affected departments were engineering, with 293 candidates, customer information and support, and 218.

A Hindu reached out to Indian workers who had been demolished by Coinbase. One declined to comment, citing secrecy obligations.

Coinbase rival Binance hit a different note. CEO Changpeng Zhao has announced that the crypto exchange is hiring to fill 2,000 vacancies.

Many of the crypto topics for next week will depend on whether Bitcoin can last more than $ 20,000.

It’s cold

The now-famous decentralized finance (DeFi) platform called Celsius has decided to suspend all withdrawals and transfers, citing “extremely dangerous market conditions.”

As users of the crypto-currency platform around the world reacted angrily, Celsius’ actions showed that those who invested in so-called decentralized systems could have an impact on the lives of all middle-class corporate entities. The move comes just days after Celsius chief executive Alex Mashinsky dismissed allegations that users were unable to withdraw their funds.

However, this is not the first Celsius brush with an oppressive press, as the stadium reportedly lost money in DeFi robberies in the past. Celsius was also hit with a stop and stop order in New Jersey, USA.

Now, the closure of the recent DeFi stadium withdrawal is being re-investigated by regulators in many U.S. states.


Crypto events do not occur in an empty space, as common events such as celebrity tweets can send prices up or down. As the Celsius crisis continues, Bitcoin fell to about $ 30,000 on June 10 to $ 20,982.15 on June 17. Meanwhile, Ethereum’s Ethereum declined from about $ 1,773 on June 10 to slightly above $ 1,102 on June 17. For most of the week, the market was in a state of great panic.

With the two cryptocurrencies high in market terms approaching the key price points, investors are anticipating rapid changes and panic trading. Prices like $ 20,000 and $ 1,000 are psychological prices due to their historic nature, so there is an opportunity for investors to set up bots to make automated trading at these levels.


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