WhatsApp account security: How to use 2-step verification

Many users around the world have used WhatsApp for a long time. However, new security features are often introduced by app developers. Recently, users reported that their accounts had been hijacked or hacked. This can lead to a complete loss of account or even a ban on the platform altogether.

A user recently shared a story on Reddit about how many WhatsApp accounts have been blocked due to a criminal. A user said one of the WhatsApp group managers had accidentally accepted a request to grant access to his account to a hacker. The thief then continued to use questionable objects such as a group profile picture until he changed the name of the group. This led to WhatsApp blocking all accounts in the group.

Source WABetaInfo Twitter
Source WABetaInfo Twitter

To avoid such situations, WhatsApp has developed a two-step verification method. 2-step verification is an optional feature that adds extra security to your WhatsApp account. You will see a 2-step verification screen after you have successfully registered your phone number on WhatsApp.

To activate this feature the user can:

Open WhatsApp settings
Tap Account> 2-Step Verification> Enable.
Enter the six-digit PIN you like and confirm it.
Provide an email address that you can access or tap Skip if you do not want to enter an email address However, it is recommended to enter an email address as this allows the user to reset 2-step verification and helps protect his or her account.

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