Now, you can transfer your WhatsApp chats from Android phone to iPhone (HT_PRINT)

WhatsApp allows you to transfer chats and other data from Android to iPhone

As part of a big update, WhatsApp has a new way to keep your chats safe when migrating from Android to iPhone. The Meta-backed messaging app announced the major update on Twitter, saying, “Today you’ll be able to transfer your entire chat history from Android to iOS and vice versa. Now you have the freedom to switch to and from your preferred devices. According to the WhatsApp blog, a user can transfer account information, profile photo, individual chats, group chats, chat history, media and settings from Android to iPhone. However, transfer of call history and display name are excluded from this latest update.

So, before migrating your important chats from Android to iPhone, here are the things to have:

1. Android OS Lollipop, SDK 21 or higher or Android 5 or higher installed on your Android device

2.iOS 15.5 or higher installed on your iPhone

3. Go to the iOS app installed on your Android phone

4. WhatsApp iOS version or higher on your new device

5. WhatsApp Android version or higher on your old device

6. Use the same phone number on the new device as on the old phone

7. To pair with Move to iOS app and move data from Android phone, your iPhone must be factory new or factory reset

8. Both your devices must be connected to a power source

9. Both your devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network or you will need to connect your Android device to your iPhone’s hotspot

Steps to transfer your WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone:

Step 1: Open the Move to iOS app on your Android phone and follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 2: A code will appear on your iPhone. Enter this code on your Android phone

Step 3: Tap Continue and follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 4: On the Transfer data screen, select WhatsApp.

Step 5: Tap START on your Android phone and wait for WhatsApp to prepare the data for export. Once the data is ready, you will be signed out of your Android phone.

Step 6: Tap NEXT to return to the Move to iOS app.

Step 7: Click CONTINUE to transfer data from Android phone to iPhone and wait for Move to iOS to confirm the transfer is complete.

Step 8: Install the latest version of WhatsApp from the App Store

Step 9: Open WhatsApp and sign in using the same phone number you used on your old device.

Step 10: When prompted, tap Start and let the process complete.

Step 11: Finish activating your new device and you will see your chats waiting for you.

It should be noted that the transferred data will not migrate to cloud storage until you create an iCloud backup. In addition, the Android phone will still have your data unless the user deletes WhatsApp.

If both devices have different phone numbers:

It is not possible to transfer your WhatsApp data to a new phone number. However, you can change your phone number on your old device to your new one before switching to a new phone.


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