WhatsApp new desktop app will allow users to receive notifications and messages even when their phone is offline.

WhatsApp brings a new desktop app for Windows users: Here’s what’s changed

WhatsApp has a brand new standalone app for Windows. This means that WhatsApp desktop users no longer need to connect their primary smartphone to send, receive and sync messages. Currently, WhatsApp desktop users have to either download the web version of WhatsApp or use WhatsApp through a web browser. The new app is native to Windows and works as a standalone app without relying on the phone app.

The new native app, WhatsApp says, will offer “increased reliability and speed.” It is designed and optimized for your desktop operating system, he adds. The app will allow users to receive notifications and messages even when their phone is offline.

Is the app available for download?

According to the updated FAQ website, the new desktop app is available for download for Windows. It can be downloaded through the Microsoft App Store. After downloading and installing on your desktop, log in

– Open WhatsApp on your phone

– Here tap on More options on Android or Settings on iPhone.

– Next, tap on Connected Devices.

– Point your phone’s camera at the QR code that will appear in WhatsApp Desktop.

A native WhatsApp desktop application for Mac operating systems is currently under development. Those interested can download the WhatsApp beta program for early access.

In terms of user interface and design, the new app offers a cleaner interface and looks almost similar to the existing app. The only major change that comes with the app is that users no longer need to have their phone connected to the internet to receive WhatsApp notifications and messages.

Earlier this month, WhatsApp extended the time limit for deleting messages. Currently, users can delete such messages within 68 minutes. With the new update, WhatsApp users will have 2 days and 12 hours to delete their messages. Users can delete a message just for themselves or request to delete messages for everyone.


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