WhatsApp business users gets new features

WhatsApp today announced new features of its business plan. WhatsApp Business users will now be able to create and manage ‘Catalogs’ from WhatsApp and desktop apps. This feature was previously limited to WhatsApp on mobile.

WhatsApp unveiled catalogs of its business plan back in 2019. Businesses using WhatsApp can now create catalogs from a web or desktop application. This feature enables businesses to add and display products as a digital digital store on WhatsApp. WhatsApp in a release said its users have more than 8 million catalogs worldwide including one million in India. WhatsApp has begun rolling out this feature to all business users around the world.

“As more businesses manage their inventory from a computer, this new approach will make it easier and easier to add new products or services so that their customers know what is available. This will be of great help to businesses with large items such as a restaurant or clothing store so they can manage their catalog from the big screen. The catalogs also allow entrepreneurs to easily display and share what they have to offer, ”WhatsApp said during the campaign.

WhatsApp also opened up the option for retailers to hide items in their catalog. This feature can be used to hide items that are not currently available. Instead of removing an item from the catalog, businesses can simply hide it and reproduce it when they are in stock. This feature has already been released worldwide and should be available in the coming days.

The new features add to WhatsApp’s efforts to expand its business platform. Features have been released to help businesses use the platform, and for users to easily communicate with businesses.


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