WhatsApp bans over 19 lakh Indian accounts in May

WhatsApp closes more than 19 lakh Indian accounts in May

Meta-owned WhatsApp closed more than 19 lakh Indian accounts in May on the basis of complaints received from users through its complaints channel and its mechanism for preventing and detecting violations, according to a recent monthly report published by the forum. The new IT rules that came into effect last year authorize large digital forums (with more than 50 lakh users) to publish monthly compliance reports, stating details of complaints received and action taken.

“As captured in a recent monthly report, WhatsApp closed more than 1.9 million accounts in May,” a WhatsApp spokesman said.The user safety report contains details of user complaints received and related action taken by WhatsApp, as well as its actions to prevent harassment in the area, a spokesman added.India account is identified by the phone number +91.

According to a report released on Friday, 19.10 lakh Indian accounts blocked by WhatsApp between May 1 and May 31, 2022 using the method “to obtain harassment, which includes a step taken to further negative feedback received from users …”

By comparison, the messaging forum had blocked more than 16 lakh accounts of Indian users in April, as well as 18.05 lakh such accounts in March.

“Over the years, we have consistently invested in Artificial Intelligence and other modern technologies, data scientists and specialists, and in processes, to keep our users safe in our environment,” the spokesman said.

Up to 528 complaint reports were received, and 24 accounts were “active” by May 2022. Of the total reports received, 303 were about ‘appeal denial’ while others were in account support, product support and security, among others.

“We respond to all complaints received except in cases where the complaint is considered a duplicate of the previous ticket. The account is ‘taken action’ when the account is closed or the previously blocked account is restored, as a result of the complaint,” the report said.

The government is in the process of finalizing new social media platforms that propose to provide users with a way to appeal against irrational content restrictions, inefficiencies, or decentralization decisions for large tech companies.

The IT department, last month, passed a draft law proposing a government panel to hear users’ requests for inaction on complaints made, or against content decisions made by social media appeal officials.

At the moment, “there is no appeal mechanism provided by the mediators and there is no reliable control mechanism available,” the Department said.

Major social media companies have had suspicions in the past because of hate speech, false information, and slander. Concerns have also been raised about digital forums that are inappropriate for downloading content, as well as for ‘de-platforming’ users. The government last year introduced IT regulations to hold digital coordinators accountable and accountable for content hosted on their platforms.


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