WhatsApp security could be destroyed with this proposal Read here

WhatsApp security can be compromised by this proposal. Read here

Opportunity to fight the instant messaging service WhatsApp, is what the European Union (EU) is quoting by proposing new changes to their Digital Market Act. However, Will Cathcart, head of Meta’s WhatsApp, says the proposed changes will ultimately put users at risk of cyber crime.

Speaking to Platformer, Cathcart said, “I have many concerns about whether this would violate or undermine privacy, that it would violate much of the security work we have been proud of, and that it would actually lead to new construction and competition.”

What is the EU proposal?

The proposed EU changes to the Digital Market Act, require that large instant messaging applications accept interoperability so that the user can send messages to different applications from the same platform.

The EU has stressed that the lack of cooperation has led to the independence of certain platforms. This discourages new applications from entering the market, they said.

Under the changes

This step will stop the last encryption operation, which is an important factor in the security of WhatsApp that provides its users.

This suggestion can also open the sluice of hackers to attack a WhatsApp account. Cathcart has marked concerns about digital privacy and security as an unintended consequence of the Digital Market Act.

“We have seen a lot of apps coming out of marketing as many messages on WhatsApp. What happens when one of these people comes in and wants to work together, ”said Cathcart.

Former Facebook security chief The Verge, “How do you tell your phone who you want to talk to, and how the phone finds that person? There is no way to allow end-to-end encryption without trusting every provider. Manage ownership management … if objective is for all messaging systems to treat each other in the same way, then this is a nightmare for privacy and security “.

WhatsApp encryption

A feature provided by the instant messaging Meta application, encryption (E2EE) is a secure communication method that prevents third parties from accessing data while transferring it from one end or device to another.

In E2EE, data is encrypted on the sender’s system or device, and only the intended recipient can clear encryption. On the way to the destination, the message cannot be read or interrupted by an Internet Service Provider (ISP), program service provider, hacker or any other organization or service.

End-to-end encryption has emerged as a major obstacle to be resolved before the European Union can take the following steps regarding the co-operation of messaging services.

Another problem would be to stop the spread of hate speech, false information, and spam. For now. WhatsApp closes millions of accounts every month by sending spam and hateful messages. By working in the head. how other apps treat such accounts will also be a concern.


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