WhatsApp testing feature to allow users to react with any emoji: Report

WhatsApp test feature to allow users to respond to any emoji: Report

WhatsApp recently added a feature that allows users to reply to messages via emoji, like other Meta-owned social media platforms like Instagram. Currently, you can respond to WhatsApp messages by selecting six different emoji. But according to WaBetaInfo, that will change as it is reported that WhatsApp will test a feature that will give users access to the entire emoji library to respond to messages.

Currently, Instagram and Meta-owned Meta allows users to reply to messages with the same set of six emoji. But in both cases, there is a “plus” sign at the end of the emoji list. When a user clicks on that, they can respond to the message with any emoji from the full emoji library.

WaBetaInfo reported earlier in some of the same capabilities when the response to the messages was initially launched in the WhatsApp beta for Android, but has not been able to confirm it yet. But with the WhatsApp beta update for Android, the option to select any emoji from the entire library is clearly visible.

Screen recordings obtained by the WhatsApp information portal show how users can click on the plus symbol right next to the array of emojis in order to access the full emoji library.

Image credit: WABetaInfo

Recently, the instant messaging service was seen testing a feature that could allow users to view WhatsApp status updates right in the middle of a conversation. This was another feature that seemed to come straight from Instagram. Once that update has received extensive releases, users will no longer need to go to the “Status” tab to view other people’s stories. This may compel many users to view status updates on WhatsApp. While many updates and recent features of WhatsApp seem to be aimed at increasing user privacy and security, others, such as emoji responses and issues from the chat feature, seem to be aimed at increasing user interaction.


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