WhatsApp users can give feedback about new features, products

WhatsApp Will Soon Bring In-App Surveys: How It Will Work

Meta-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp is reportedly working on a new feature called WhatsApp Survey. As reported by WaBetaInfo – an online platform that tracks WhatsApp features, the platform may soon ask users for feedback within the app itself. By participating in these in-app surveys, users can provide feedback on new features, products and more when invited.

How will in-app surveys work?

Users receive invitations to submit feedback. The report shared a screenshot of the feature which shows that WhatsApp will bring verified chat for sending survey invites. It is currently unclear what surveys users will receive from this conversation. Users will have the option to decline invitations from this official WhatsApp chat.

The feature is currently under development and is expected to come with a future update.

How will in-app surveys help?

If a user participates in a survey, their response will not affect their account, features or WhatsApp experience. But “it will definitely help WhatsApp improve the quality of the product,” the report added. The idea is to give WhatsApp feedback through the official chat, as this will help the company understand how to improve the social messaging app.

The message says that all responses will be stored securely and will only be accessible to a small fraction of people. They will also follow WhatsApp’s privacy policy.

It is noteworthy to mention here that WhatsApp marks verified accounts with a green tick so that users always know that it is an official account. However, it is advisable that even if the conversation is marked with a verified green tick, users should never share their private information with them. WhatsApp survey will never actually ask for sensitive information like your credit number, 6-digit code or two-step verification PIN. “It is used for feedback purposes only, and as we said above, you can opt out at any time by blocking the conversation within the chat information,” the message said.


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