WhatsApp will stop working on several iPhones starting October 24; Here’s why

WhatsApp will stop working on some older iPhone devices, according to a recent update from the manufacturers. The instant messaging app will stop supporting iOS 10 and iOS 11 devices from October 24, according to a report in Mashable India.

According to media reports, WhatsApp has already started the process of notifying iPhone users who are running older operating systems and has sent an alert about it. The instant messaging app has also asked users to update their iPhones to the latest versions available on those devices.

The devices likely to bear the brunt are the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. Notably, iOS 10 and iOS 11 are not widely used on iPhones. WhatsApp has previously stated on its Help Center website that iPhone users will require iOS 12 or later software to continue using the platform. Android users will need to have OS 4.1 or above to use the instant messaging app without any hassle.

How to update your iPhone to the latest version?

If you have not yet upgraded your iPhone devices that were running on iOS 10 and iOS 11, it is advisable to do the same immediately. You can easily get the latest version of iOS by going to Settings > General > Software Update.

Before upgrading, make sure your device is connected to a reliable WiFi network and back up all your data.

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