WhatsApp works with 3 different play speed for voice message

WhatsApp will soon add the ability to play voice messages at a different play speed. Currently, the company owned by Facebook allows you to check voice messages at normal speeds. This feature will help those who want to hear the voice message at a much slower or faster speed.

WABetaInfo shared screenshots of this feature, indicating that users will get three playback options. This includes 1.0X, 1.5X and 2.0X. The feature will be available immediately and you will not need to follow any steps to use this. When you receive a voice message, WhatsApp will add a play speed button to it.

A source quoted by e reported that “WhatsApp will also support low-speed play, but will not be released to the public because it is not very sensible. This feature is being upgraded and will be available for building iOS and Android beta. ”WABetaInfo also says the feature will be released in the coming weeks.

WhatsApp is also operating on a feature called “Multi-Device Support,” which is expected to add messaging service to its platform in the coming months. It will be available first to iOS users and then to Android WhatsApp users, according to the quoted source.

WABetaInfo reported that “WhatsApp develops two different types of Multi-Device via WhatsApp Web where you can use WhatsApp Web without your main phone to connect to the internet. With Multi-Device and other devices where you can connect up to four different devices to your main WhatsApp account. ”

Apart from this, the company is also expected to introduce a “Secret Backup Chat” feature. WhatsApp chats are already encrypted, but you back up your conversations to a third-party app, which is Google Drive. WhatsApp plans to add a new encrypted chat support option, which will improve user privacy and save your accounts from hacking


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