Why Windows 10 is better than other OS

Why Windows 10 18980.vb release is better than other OS

After this skip ahead version 18980.vb release it has become more reliable and fast.

It gives more than 3 times update monthly to see to it that the customers don’t get stuck in the work due to some issue which took place in some update and they try to bring news features that would encourage people to make most out of it.
It has many versions such as Home Edition for $139 (Roughly about Rs 9962) and Windows 10 Pro for $199 (Roughly about Rs 14262).
Windows 10 was developed by Microsoft and released in the year 2015. Microsoft chose to go back to its traditional things incorporating the start menu again in windows 10 after not getting good reviews on Windows 8. In Windows 10, there is nothing like programs now it”™s called apps.
Windows 10 has come up with new features like Microsoft edge browser which can explicate browsing from PC to phone to tablet very easily and quickly. Microsoft office with 3D features makes the presentations real and effective.

Windows 10 is introduced with a great feature called Cortana. It is an improved search bar which is just beside the start menu. It is Microsoft”™s brand new digital assistant having its own OS. You can use it for finding stuff in a system as well as reminders, your upcoming events like movies, travel, etc. You can ask any type of facts, queries, or questions to Cortana.
It’s paid only and at higher rates than Linux distributions.
Windows 10 is always the first choice of end-users because of its new features and look. It is also referred to as known OS as almost everyone is familiar with Windows OS or environment and find it easy to use. Windows 10 is used by the organizations for upgrading from windows last versions and for dot net application enrichment.
Each Operating system has its own strong areas and advantages. These can be used based on your requirements. People are smart enough nowadays to select the operating system for their office, home, or in a group of people, developing applications and other purposes
Like apples Siri, Amazons Alexa they have their own Artificial Intelligence that is Cortana which does save a lot of time. If you want you can even use the Linux command as it supports WSL2(Windows Subsystem for Linux)
Then if you want to stop windows update you can click on the pause button so that they won’t send the updates on your laptop/desktop.

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