Wikipedia will introduce a paid business service

The Wikipedia Foundation has said it will introduce a paid service to companies that re-purchase its content. This service will be launched as Wikimedia Enterprise later in the year. This service will initially target major technology firms such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook.

“The focus of Wikimedia Enterprise on businesses that reuse our content, especially on a large scale – e.g., integrated with graphs, search, voice assistants, maps, news reporting, social media, third-party applications, and full-time research studies. Adding more Wikimedia information to put graphics behind our invalid content will allow all our content users to meet their needs while helping us build new tools and services in the future, available to everyone, “the organization said on its website.

The organization is in the process of finalizing how this new service will work. An overview of its website suggests it will offer a paid version of its API, which allows deleting and retrieving content on Wikipedia. Paid service subscribers can also get data quickly. The content format can also be customized for these clients.

The Wikipedia Foundation also clarified that the Wikipedia service will continue to remain free for end-users.

Verge notes that many technology firms use Wikipedia. For example, Google uses content from the platform through its inboxes. Apple and Apple’s Alexa Auxiliaries use Wikipedia as a source of content.

The organization also clarified whether it sells or forces high tech to pay for Wikipedia content.

“No. All Wikimedia content is available under free licenses and may be used by anyone for any purpose. That cannot be changed. The Enterprise API app is a new way to deliver content in volume and speed tailored to the needs of large commercial organizations that already use Wikimedia content commercially. The Enterprise API is selling the app for this new access method, but it does not stop anyone (including those customers) from using the existing free access methods, ”he said in the FAQs section.

The organization noted that many governments and technology sectors (such as journalism) are currently discussing how to create a financially stable model while working with these major technology companies.

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