Windows 10 Insider Preview 20262.1 fe_release 201113-1436

Good evening, friends! Microsoft has released a new Windows 10 pre-build number 20262 for Windows Insider program members using the Dev channel (formerly “Early access”).

Full build number: Windows 10 Insider Preview 20262.1 fe_release 201113-1436

Recently, the name of the branch that builds are released from has changed to FE_RELEASE. As in May, when insiders started getting builds from the MN_RELEASE branch, the company is practising the ability to change a branch that is considered an active development branch. Since engineers work in different branches within the development cycle, insiders may need to move between these branches. As a result of switching to the FE_RELEASE branch, insiders will notice that some features, such as the updated emoticon panel, redesigned touch keyboard and voice input, as well as theme-based splash screens, have been temporarily removed from the system. The company hopes to return these features to insiders in the future. And an important reminder: FE_RELEASE builds do not apply to any specific version of Windows 10.

We would let you that the Dev channel which can contain quite unpleasant with errors if you are a beginner. If you need more establishment, we recommend switching to the Release Preview channels or Beta (Late access).



  • Fixed an issue that caused some apps to launch unexpectedly transparent with no visible content in previous builds.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the old SleepStudy etls to not clear unexpectedly.
  • Fixed an issue that caused no actions to occur when the pen was first pressed after pairing.
  • Fixed an issue where touchpad scrolling would stop working on a tab in focus after closing the browser tab with CTRL+W.
  • Fixed an issue where some notifications related to “blocking on the first appearance” from Microsoft Defender were not localized.
  • Fixed an issue where when using Narrator in scan mode, it was not possible to activate the” Sign in with PIN or smart card “buttons in the authentication dialogue using the space bar or Enter key.
  • Fixed a recent issue where Wi-Fi was disabled when both Wi-Fi and cellular networks were connected, and the “Network” pop-up window on the taskbar reported that the cellular network was connected, but in fact, applications could not connect to the Internet.
  • Fixed a frequent DWM crash that affected some insiders in the last few builds.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Settings app to crash when going to the memory Control page.
  • Fixed an issue that caused problems with app registration for some pre-installed apps after upgrading from a previous version of the system.

Known Error

  • We investigate reports that the system update process may hang for a long time when trying to install a new build.
  • The real-time preview for pinned site tabs is not yet available to all insiders, so you can see a grey window when you hover over the thumbnail on the taskbar. Engineers are working to improve this feature.
  • Engineers are working on enabling a new taskbar feature for already pinned websites. However, you can unpin a site from the taskbar, remove it from the edge://apps page, and then re-pin it.
  • We are investigating reports that some users experience an error code 0×80070426 when using their Microsoft account to log in to various applications. If you encounter this problem, then restart your device, which should help.
  • We are investigating an issue where after installing this build, the “Settings” -> “System” -> “memory” -> “disk and volume Management” section does not display any disks. As a workaround, you can use the classic disk management tool.
  • We investigate reports that some screens display black text on a dark background when using a dark theme.

I wish you a successful update and if you want some help do comment down!


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