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Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25131.1000 Announcement (Dev Channel) 220527-1351

Good Morning friends! Microsoft has released a new preview build of Windows 11 25131 for members of the Windows Insider program using the Dev channel.

Complete build number: 10.0.25131.1000.rs_prerelease.220527-1351.


  • General:
    • We fixed an issue resulting in a GSOD occurring during the update process for some devices with AMD processors and causing a rollback to a previous Insider Build. This issue is also believed to be the cause of last week’s build causing GSOD after enabling SVM in the BIOS.
    • We fixed an issue that prevented some Insiders from updating to the latest builds if secondary accounts were registered on the PC.
  • Conductor:
    • The new folder icon used in the command bar will now match the one used in the context menu.
    • We fixed an issue that could cause File Explorer to freeze when browsing folders with a large number of MKV files.
    • We fixed an issue where searching on the Home page would sometimes not return results when executed from the Open or Save dialog box (search in the Explorer window worked correctly).
  • Search:
    • Now, when searching for %appdata% (and other similar folders), the correct folder icon will be displayed, and not an empty square.
    • Now, when you select “Open file location” in the search results, the file in the folder will again be highlighted. Before that, the folder containing this file was simply opened.
  • Options:
    • The “default” search term now returns the “Default Apps” page as the first search result, so you no longer have to click the “Show All Results” button to find it.
    • We fixed an issue where the “Listen to this device” option stopped working after a system reboot until you unchecked and rechecked the checkbox next to this setting.
    • Narrator will now announce the switch positions in the Options -> Accessibility -> Color Filters for easier navigation.
  • Other:
    • Now on the lock screen when you hover over the button “Do you like what you see?” will not display a shadow that extends to the bottom of the screen if you are using the Windows Spotlight feature.
    • We fixed an issue resulting in some frame rate monitoring apps negatively impacting game performance.
    • We fixed an issue where rounded corners would unexpectedly become pixelated at certain scaling factors.

Note. Some of the fixes listed above may be included in the cumulative updates for the October 5 release version of Windows 11.

Known Issues

  • General:
    •  In this build, Insiders using the Surface Pro X will see a black screen when trying to wake up from sleep. To return the device to a working state, you will have to turn it off by long holding the power button, and then turn it back on. Microsoft recommends pausing receiving new builds until a build is released that fixes the issue.
    •  We are investigating reports that the Shut Down feature in the Start menu is not working for some Insiders. Instead of shutting down, the computer restarts.
    • Some games that use Easy Anti-Cheat may crash or cause GSOD to appear on your device.
  • Live Captions:
    • Some applications do not allow you to display real-time subtitles in full screen mode. For example, this applies to video players.
    • Some apps at the top of the screen that were closed before Live Captions launched will re-launch behind the Live Captions window at the top. Use the system menu (ALT + ) when the application has focus to move the window down.

Microsoft Store (22205.1401.3.0)

Microsoft has begun testing a new version of the Microsoft Store app (22205.1401.3.0) among the members of the WIndows Insider program on the Dev channel. This version brings with it the following changes and improvements:

  • Native ARM64 support. Microsoft has improved the Microsoft Store app experience on devices with ARM64 processors. Now the application runs faster and demonstrates excellent performance.
  • Improved automatic update system. Now the Microsoft Store won’t automatically update the apps that are currently open so you don’t lose your work. You can update applications later at any convenient time.
  • Improved Android app support for store popups. If you find an application on the Internet and it is available in the Microsoft Store, you will see a pop-up window asking you to install it. This feature also supports free Android apps (subject to compatibility and age rating).
  • Faster navigation. Optimized page navigation in the Microsoft Store.
  • Improved user interface for movies and TV shows. Now you will see all possible options for purchasing content in the drop-down list for movies and TV shows.

I wish you a successful update!

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