Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25140 rs prerelease 220610 1351 Dev Channel

Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25140 rs_prerelease 220610-1351 (Dev Channel)

Good Morning friends! Microsoft has released a new preview build of Windows 11 25140 for members of the Windows Insider program using the Dev channel.

Complete build number: 10.0.25140.1000.rs_prerelease.220610-1351.

Changes and improvements

  • General:
    • The Euphemia font covers most languages ​​using the Canadian syllabary, including various spellings of Cree, Inuktitut, and Carrier/Dakelh (dulkw’ahke). In the latest Insider builds, this font has been updated to improve the legibility and rendering of over 200 characters on screen at various sizes. In addition, new glyphs have been added to support Unicode 14 characters for the Canadian Arctic Nattilik language.


  • “Conductor”:
    • We fixed an issue resulting in some users experiencing error 0x80070026 when copying files from network drives.
    • We fixed an issue where the color of the active tab did not match the color of the command bar.
    • We fixed an issue where drag and drop to reorder the display of tabs did not work.
    • We fixed an issue that could cause artifacts when viewing thumbnails on the taskbar if File Explorer was maximized and previously minimized using WIN + M.
  • Options:
    • The Change Drive Label dialog will now show the current name if you want to rename the drive under System -> Memory -> Disks and Volumes.
  • Input:
    • We fixed an issue where selecting English (New Zealand) during the Initial System Setup (OOBE) resulted in the Arabic keyboard being selected (101).
    • The function to configure keyboard shortcuts to switch to a specific non-IME input method should now work.
    • Some languages ​​do not support text-to-speech. If the administrator wanted to install one of these languages ​​using new command Install-Language CopyToSettings, some settings such as the locale of the new user account, input (keyboard), and UPLL (list of user preferred languages) were not updated. This issue has now been fixed.
    • We fixed an issue that caused the Batang, BatangChe, Gungsuh, and GungsuhChe fonts to display incorrectly in Korean when using online Office applications if those fonts were not locally installed.
  • Task Manager:
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when switching modes on pages other than the Processes page.
    • Made minor adjustments to the intensity of the colors used in the heatmap on the Processes page.
  • Other:
    • Fixed an issue where calls CopyAcceleratorTable and CreateAcceleratorTable failed if the LPACCEL parameter was the address of an odd-numbered index in an array of ACCEL structures.
    • We fixed an issue with x64 emulation on ARM64 that could cause some applications to crash immediately after launch with error code 0xc0000409.
    • We fixed an issue where audio stopped playing after a minute in some apps.

Note. Some of the fixes listed above may be included in the cumulative updates for the October 5 release version of Windows 11.

Known Issues

  • General:
    • In this build, Insiders using the Surface Pro X will see a black screen when trying to wake up from sleep. To return the device to a working state, you will have to turn it off by long holding the power button, and then turn it back on. Microsoft recommends pausing receiving new builds until a build is released that fixes the issue.
    • We are investigating reports that the “Mica” material and the “Acrylic” effect are incorrectly displayed (not rendered) in such system elements as the Start menu, Action Center, etc.
    • We are investigating reports that the Shut Down feature in the Start menu is not working for some Insiders. Instead of shutting down, the computer restarts.
    • Some games that use Easy Anti-Cheat may crash or cause GSOD to appear on your device.
  • Windows Explorer:
    • File Explorer tabs incorrectly display up arrow button next to the address bar. This will be fixed in future builds.
    • [New] We are investigating reports that launching File Explorer in certain ways (for example, from the command line) when using a dark theme causes the main area of ​​u200bu200bExplorer to unexpectedly appear with a light theme
  • Widgets:
    • [New] Engineers are working on a fix for an issue where widget settings (temperature units and pinned widget order) were unexpectedly reset to default.
  • Live Captions:
    • Some applications do not allow you to display live subtitles in full screen mode. For example, this applies to video players.
    • Some apps at the top of the screen that were closed before Live Captions launched will re-launch behind the Live Captions window at the top. Use the system menu (ALT + ) when the application has focus to move the window down.

I wish you a successful update!


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