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Windows 11 is now available on physical media

More than six months have passed since the release of Windows 11, but physical copies of the new operating system are only now on sale. Up to this point, users could either upgrade from Windows 10 or purchase a new device with Windows 11 already preinstalled.

Apparently, sales of copies of Windows 11 on physical media began on April 14, but they noticed it only now. Microsoft has not made any statements about this.

We agree that now there is no great need to purchase a physical copy of the operating system. Most new devices come with Windows 11 out of the box, but even if they don’t, you can simply upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 without any problems. And if these options are not suitable, then you can purchase a license online.

The physical copy is a small box with a USB installation drive and a license key. The box uses the default Windows 11 Bloom background image. Interestingly, the Windows 11 Home box is made in light colors, while the Windows 11 Pro edition uses dark colors. If you like to collect such things, then you should definitely consider buying a physical copy of Windows 11.

The cost of physical and digital copies of Windows 11 is the same, so you will have to pay $139.99 for the Home edition, and $199.99 for the Pro edition. Of course, in order to use the operating system, your computer must comply with minimum system requirements for Windows 11.

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